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Gem Center USA has been mining geodes since 1966 (view Choyas mine pictures). We guarantee that these geodes will have a hollow pocket inside. We also offer pre-cracking service for a small fee. We use a special tool to snap them cleanly in half. You can break your own geode by placing it in a sock and lightly tapping it with a hammer. Be careful and always use protective eyewear (safety glasses), adult supervision is required, recommended for children ages 8 and up.

Geodes were once bubbles in lava. Over time mineral rich thermal waters penetrate the bubble as the water cools crystals begin to form within. The type of crystal that forms inside of a geode is dependant on which minerals penetrate the bubble at the time of formation. In the case of the Las Choyas Geodes (aka Coconuts), a vast amout of different minerals were present during formation making it difficult to predict what crystals you can find inside. It's a surprise every time one is opened.

Las Choyas Geodes
Las Choyas Geodes for Sale
This geode comes from the Las Choyas Geode Mine in Chihuahua Mexico. The 44 million year old mine produces the most famous geodes that come out of Mexico. Also know as the "coconut geode" because of its resemblance to coconuts. There are four different primary crystals and at least 15 different secondary minerals that are possibly inside these treasures.
Below a Las Choyas Geode has been cracked using a special tool.  
  Cracked Las Choyas Geode
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Trancas Geode
This Geode comes from the Trancas Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico. The crystals inside this geode will glow under a short wave black light. They are also known as the Chihuahua Geode and tend to look like miniature caverns. Stalactites and stalagmites are common found. The primary crystal is white quartz and the secondary crystals can be fluorite, quartz and calcite. Trancas are excellent geodes because of their consistent quality.
Whole Trancas Geode
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Below a Trancas Geode has been Cracked using a special tool.
Trancas Cracked or Break your own Geodes
Break Your Own Geodes
Break Your Own Geodes are fun and educational to break open. Be the first to discover the hidden treasure inside.
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